Saturday, January 28, 2006

Article: The blossoming of Auraeus Solito


The blossoming of Auraeus Solito

PARK CITY, UTAH--BECAUSE HE ALMOST missed the opening of the Sundance Film Festival--and probably also because of jet lag--Auraeus Solito, director of "Ang Pagdadalaga ni [The Blossoming of] Maximo Oliveros," was feeling a bit down on Sunday evening.

But the warmth, cheerfulness and hospitality of Filipino waiters in the Chinese restaurant where a reception for Asian Pacific filmmakers was held buoyed the spirits of Auraeus (and ours as well). Auraeus was the most applauded among the Asians introduced as members of the Sundance Class of 2006.

Wearing Mangyan jewelry and a scarf fashioned from Mindanao cloth, the director was a refreshing presence that night in this beautiful snow-covered city. More... (May special mention pa ang Pisay friends ni Sir Auraeus.)

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And, if you haven't noticed (ahem, hehe), Mr. Solito himself has commented on this blog, and he mentioned that he's seriously considering directing MANHID as his next feature film. O diba, astig! Can't wait ;) Especially for the soundtrack, hehehe. Eheads reunion na ba? Asa pa :P

Btw, I did some internet research, and finally I found out when and where Manhid was originally staged - it was in August 1991, by the UP Tropa Experimental Theatre Company. I knew it was in UP and it was in the early 90's...pero ngayon ko lang nalaman ang katotohanan. Ehehehe. Sana talaga matuloy 'to as a movie. That'd be really cool - since I don't remember the story anymore *sheepish grin*

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