Saturday, May 27, 2006

Me and my girls and Coco

I love my friends. We keep each other sane and crazy at the same time. We have fun hanging out even if our gimiks have become few and far between. And, of course, we're all camwhores. And I, being the designated photographer, enjoy that a lot :P

Breakfast with Manny at McDo Tagaytay

The way to the beach


The ultimate beach house

Photoshoot mode ON

Gets? :D

These houses are friggin' beautiful!

Parting shot
Coco: Check out my butt!
Sam: No, check out *my* butt!
Dacs: Ok, I'll check out your butt
Doggie: Weirdos...

Oh, and I love being a grown-up, too. Mas pinapayagan nako sa out-of-town gimiks ngayon. Hehe, tanda ko na pero ngayon lang nakakalakwatsa ng ganito. Feeling ko mas pinapayagan pa mga estudyante ko eh :D

Click if you care to see more of our faces (you must be really bored or sumthin...)


sam said...

dacs, great pictures! of course, they're great... i mean, i'm in almost all of them. heh. you'll have to wait for the recap, though. i'm usually so spent after working, plus i have my own blog to look after. add the fact that i've half-forgotten the details of batangas beach season, um, five, is it?


- d a c s - said...

basta isama mo sa recap si hetty the chicken ha?!!! :P