Saturday, August 12, 2006

In loving memory of...

1st Generation Twisted Halo at Sugarfree's 7th Anniversay Gig (August 2006)

Vin (vocals/guitars), Jal (bass), Ichot (drums), Joey (guitars), Jason (guitars)

I miss Twisted Halo *tear*

Saw this pic from Kris Dancel's Multiply. Natuwa ako kasi (as you may know by now) Twisted Halo is one of my ultimate favorite bands, but I never got to watch this lineup kasi di pa ako gig person nun.

Tapos na-sad na naman ako. Ganun naman lagi pag nakikita/naririnig ko Twisted Halo eh.

They had their farewell gig last May 25. The band I love is no more; just when everyone was eagerly waiting for the second album to come out (they played their new songs during that gig, and they were darn good!).

It amuses me how many feelings I experience when I encounter Twisted Halo wherever - like when Rabii (my iPod) churns out a Halo song during Shuffle.

For a fleeting moment, I actually experience anger, possibly even resentment. Deep inside, I am extremely disappointed that they had to break-up without even giving us the new songs they had brewing. Ayan na, lumalabas na ang hidden hostilities, hehehe.

But then that doesn't last very long, because the feeling almost instantly changes to sadness. I absolutely loved Twisted Halo - they're actually almost (if not already at) the same level as Counting Crows, Eraserheads, and Wolfgang, which are my three most favorite bands of all time. So sobrang nalulungkot ako na hindi ko na sila mapapanood tumugtog. And, wow, you must believe me that it is a totally intense experience to see them play live. Listening to the CD alone is one helluva trip, but hearing those songs in the flesh - it's a totally different, higher level.

And then after a bit of resentment and a lingering sadness, I smile (hahaha nabaliw na). Because, ultimately, the memories I have of this band are those of how they make me happy. Happy to have discovered such awesome music. Happy to have connected deeply with their craft. Happy to have met such wonderful people.

- - - - -

The lineup I came to know and love

Joey (guitars), Jason (guitars/vocals), Vin (vocals/guitars), Buddy (bass), and Monmon (drums/rapping/running man - hehehe).

In some way or another, I got to see how great these guys were not only as musicians, but also as regular people (so...musicians are irregular people? hehe).

Monmon - YM buddy. Translation: kachismisan tuwing nagpupuyat ako at nasa trabaho naman siya. I totally loved those couple of times that Monmon would just make kwento about...stuff. He recognizes me not just as a fan but rather a friend. And that affirmation on his part is something I really appreciate. And, yeah, I totally love watching him perform. Sabi nga niya sa self-description niya somewhere (a Twisted Halo article, I think), he's obese yet sexy. Hehehe. At walang tatalo sa Ice Ice Baby niya!

Jason - Sa kanilang lima, si Jason na siguro yung pinaka-mystery sa akin, kasi siya yung pinaka-hindi ko kilala. I love his writing though (he currently writes for Pulp mag), and the write-ups he made for his bandmembers on their official website (na wala na rin) were hilarious. But what he texted back after I thanked him during the farewell gig is what I'll remember most about him - again, it was an affirmation that my efforts as a fan of their music did not go unappreciated.

Joey - If a Halo gig is a sight to see, a radio interview with Joey (and Monmon!) is a blast to hear. I caught a radio guesting on NU where only Joey and Monmon were there (Vin was late, Buddy and Jason couldn't come). My gulay, halos namatay ako kakatawa sa hiritan nung dalawa. And Joey and I have some sort of school connection - we're a couple of batches apart in CSA Makati, and there's also that Pisay connection (no, hindi siya yung Pisay) :D

Vin - I've expressed here before how glad and awed I am to have met this guy. He's totally inspiring - the way he is passionate about things (his music, his beliefs) is not something you see in just anybody. Vin's a cool rockstar hero to have, but what's way cooler is having him as a friend.

Buddy - Yes, THE Buddy Zabala of THAT band :D And LOTS of other bands and projects, too. He's currently with The Dawn, and since The Dawn is my Multiply contact, I keep seeing pics of Buddy (through the email updates), so lalo ko siyang namimiss, at siyempre ang Twisted Halo. This evening, Buddy crossed my mind twice because of two separate incidences (a chat with my friend Michelle, and Robin Rivera's NU guesting). So on my way home from work, I got to thinking how much of a nice guy (and musical god) Buddy is. My very first personal encounter with him (sa Pisay Kwentuhan Sessions 2004), naramdaman ko na yung nice-guy vibe niya. Siya yung tipong tao na pag nakita mo o naisip mo, parang gusto mo lang i-hug sa tuwa mong kilala mo siya, hehe. No rockstar bull at all. Sabi ko nga dati, it's so humbling to be in his presence. Which then led me to think how much of a hero this guy is to me - Buddy's actually my most favorite local rockstar. Ever.

- - - - -

'Ika nga ni Bisoy of Shiela and the Insects: "In loving memory of the fearless exploits of the Twisted Halo, cheers."

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