Thursday, August 10, 2006


Spice Girls - Wannabe (1996)

Omg, THIS is 10 years old!

I was in 3rd year high school in Pisay back then, and I TOTALLY believed that they were transexuals.

I was a closed-minded rocker back then. Nothing but rock. None of them sh*tty girl and boy bands, which I refused to call bands. Don't call them bands; they don't play their own instruments. They're sucky girl and boy groups that totally waste my radio and TV time, not to mention space on record store shelves.

- - - - -

Ten years later, I am still in Pisay, but this time as a biology teacher. I'm still a rocker, though I'm more open-minded to more kinds of music now. I can actually find it in my heart to appreciate the girl and boy groups (I still maintain that they're not BANDS) of yesteryear.

I just saw the Spice Girls on Top of the Pops (a 1996 performance of Wannabe), and I found myself saying to myself, "Hey, they're not THAT bad."

Not too long ago, I was actually contemplating on buying a Best Of CD of the Backstreet Boys (I prefer them over *NSYNC; their members are more likeable, I think). But it was a fleeting thought, hehehe.

I guess my point is that people do change when they GROW UP. You thought you were really cool in high school. Maybe. But then when you grow up you realize that you may have been a bit too petty. You thought that you were cool hanging on to so much hate for whatever - all that teenage angst that those rock songs keep talking about. When you grow up, it all doesn't matter anymore. When you grow up, you won't be embarassed to say that you could actually like the Spice Girls. Because you realize that there is some worth in everyone. You just have to open your eyes and your mind to see it.

And it's actually nice to have an open mind :)

- - - - -

I'm supposed to be WORKING. *rolls eyes*

Early morning blabbing, all because of a Spice Girl performance :P


jem said...

hehe dacs. re spice girls: over 10 million copies sold worldwide. not a soul willing to admit they bought one.

naalala ko tuloy dati pinagaawayan sa dorm kung sino pinakamukhang lalake sa lahat XD

selena said...

hi! nakakatawa tong spice girls post mo kasi nakakarelate ako wahahah.

i think it's more of the senti memories they bring up rather than the musical genius they inspire hehe (although i did think "wannabe" was fun). when you hear those songs, instant yung effect sa yo-- you're transported back in time.

(link kita sa blog ko ha hehe. tnx!)