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Rockstar:Supernova Week # 6 (Top 10)

DILANA - Won't Be Fooled Again (The Who)
If only for that, Dilana should win this thing. She was the only one among the Rockers who had the guts to perform with Gilby. What's more, it was even a song she didn't previously know! The greeting-vid-on-the-phone thing was a bit cheesy for me though, hehehe. And Dilana actually looked pretty tonight, with her hair tied back like that. Loved the red leather pants.

JILL GIOIA - Mother Mother (Tracy Bonham)
One of my fave tunes from the 90s. Jason was right on the dot with his comment - great stage presence but the vocals suffered somewhat. There wasn't much power to match the bite of this song, which is quite sad because Jill's got power vocals (as long as she doesn't overdo things...maybe that's what she was trying to avoid tonight).

RYAN STAR - Paint It Black (Rolling Stones) [Done by MiG Ayesa last season]
Great theatrics. It was a real good way to connect with the audience (especially the coming-from-the-crowd intro), and that's good because I haven't seen Ryan do just that in his previous performances. Vocals were just aight for me. For the first time, in my opinion, a performance this season actually rivals a performance of the same song from last season.

STORM LARGE - We Are The Champions (Queen) [Done by JD Fortune & MiG Ayesa (or was that Suzie McNeil? Or they all did it?) last season]
She's so pretty (like I said before, she kinda looks like Lindsay Lohan). At least she didn't murder this song like JD did last season - for that alone it was a really BIG surprise for me that he wasn't booted from the show! Hahaha, sama talaga ng loob kay JD eh - MiG and Marty fan here! :P

ZAYRA ALVAREZ - All The Young Dudes (David Bowie)
Bowie pala 'tong song na 'to. I only know it from the Clueless OST (on my
personal list of best ever soundtracks!) Shining-shimmering-splendid gold outfit aside, it was actually a good performance (at least my brow wasn't crunched up in a wtf manner; though Gilby said she was off-key most of the song). So no Zayra in the Bottom Three tomorrow, hehehe.

JOSH LOGAN - Interstate Love Song (STP) [Done by Suzie McNeil last season]
I sooo looooove Josh Logan! That was his good chance to rock out - and he did, though having a guitar strapped on you won't let you move around the stage much (as T Lee pointed out). Though there were moments when his voice disappeared when he was supposed to sustain a note, I still loved this performance. Great song choice (one of my
ultimate faves from the 90s - STP rocks!). As for Tommy Lee's "impromptu" drumming - that's not really on-the-spot, right? I think as far as surprises go, the band must be in on it. Kasi they don't do the studio versions of the song for Performance night - the songs have to be cut into shorter bits to fit the one-hour show. So T Lee must've practiced with the band beforehand. Wala lang, just thinking out loud...

MAGNI - Dolphin's Cry (Live)
Hehehe, doesn't he look like Live's vocalist, Ed Kowalczyk? This was a pretty good performance from the Iceman - the acoustic guitar allowed the power of his vocals to shine through. Up till tonight, I wasn't totally convinced about the quality of his vocals. Good show, Magni! It was so sweet seeing his wife and kid, too! Hehehe, naka-earphones yung baby niya sa audience nung live performance. Iba talaga pag inspired :)

PATRICE PIKE - Instant Karma (John Lennon)
One of Patrice's better days, though I'm really not too hot about her vocals on any performance. It was a good thing too that she moved up front with her mic and guitar - as we said earlier, it's hard to rock out to the audience if you're a guitar-slinger, so at least minimizing the physical distance between you and the audience helps.

LUKAS ROSSI - Creep (Radiohead) [Done by Marty Casey last season]
Lukas' gig was quite a different approach to the song. He kept it down through most of the performance, then brough it up totally in the end. It was aight for me; I won't rave about it like Supernova did. I prefer Marty's version last season (lagi naman eh - I think I'm too biased, hehehe), which was brooding and intense the whole song through.

TOBY RAND - Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)
I absolutely crush Toby and his Aussie surfer dude accent :D Alright, bring out the megaphone! (Isn't it also called a bullhorn?) Was that an Aussie or American flag draped on it? (Just caught the replay - Aussie flag! Cool, represent!) I don't care about what Dave said - the megaphone was cute (it worked last season for JD's Pretty Vegas - panalo yung SEQUINED megaphone the second time around for Pretty Vegas!). It was kinda awkward though because Toby was holding the megaphone AND the mic - mas comfy kasi tignan kung nasa micstand yung mic eh, hehehe. The siren at the end was mighty fine theatrics, too. Cool way to end a good show!

- - - - -

When I found out song choices last night through the
Rockstar Supernova Yahoogroup (ok, loser ko talaga hahaha), I was gonna blog my fearless forecast and advance raves because there were some great song picks - especially for Josh, Magni, Jill, and Lukas. As you can see, that didn't happen, hehehe.

And now, watching tonight's RS, I am PC-less because my dad's using the TV in front of the PC, so I'm watching from my sister's room, and "blogging" old-skool style - using PEN and PAPER! Hahaha, yes, I hear the L-word again. So sue me! :P Have you ever tried writing on paper at the speed of thought? Ang hirap! My handwriting was hardly legible :P

On second thought...why didn't I just whip out the laptop and "blog" there?! LOL :) Pakahirap pako sa old skool...

At sa kakasulat sa papel, I missed out on the Bottom Three. Good thing my friend Lod texted me about that when he watched the "live" telecast this morning: (in Lod's words) it's Patrice, Jill, and Lukas in the blender tomorrow.

All in all, it was one of the best episodes yet for this season. Glad to see these rockers are stepping it up this time. Song choices were pretty much cool tonight and I think that helped a lot.

- - - - -

I'm getting to dig The Who more and more because of this show (this is their official site, but the link doesn't work with me right now - I first found out who they were through Baba O' Riley, which was constantly played at 106.3 Rock Radio, a kick@ss local radio station here in the Alabang area (I'm still mourning its untimely demise). I've heard the tune before that, pero sa Rock Radio ko lang nalaman yung title and artist.

My love for CSI also brought me closer to The Who's music - all three series (Vegas, Miami, and NY) use The Who songs for their themes (credited to Pete Townshend, guitarist of The Who). I was especially delighted because NY featured my crush Gary Sinise AND Baba O' Riley, which was slowly turning into a favorite song of mine.

Baba O' Riley was also used in House. It was a fun scene: Gregory House, M.D., was listening to the song in his office, and acting out as if he were playing the cool keyboards part.

In Rockstar, Baba O' Riley has been performed in both seasons: Jordis Unga did a mighty fine version in Rockstar:INXS, while Dana Andrews tried her best to rock it out for Rockstar: Supernova (to no avail).

And now, Dilana just sang another The Who song, which I will most probably research and come to love as well.

I guess I'll be scouring the record stores soon for The Who CDs. It's been a while since I've been to Tower Records ;)

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