Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Night of the Davids

Even though I failed to follow this season through, I still watched the AI7 Finale.

Maybe it's because I'm partial to rock, but I preferred Cook over Archuleta tonight. This whole season, I couldn't get myself to fully appreciate Cook because of my blind devotion to Chris Daughtry (what with everyone calling Cook the next Daughtry), but at the end, I'm rooting for this David. I could never get over Cook's smugness, but once he let out that awesome take on Chris Cornell's Billie Jean, he got me. The mere fact that he stood up to Cornell's vocal prowess was commendable. Cook's smugness yet again took centerstage when he declared he didn't want to repeat himself (after Simon wished Cook did another Hello or Billie Jean). I was on Cook's side on that one; props to him for always wanting to keep things fresh.

Archuleta's performances are always lovely, and he's really endearing with his childlike sincerity. But, as I said, I'm partial to rock, and I eventually got tired of Archu's style. For me, it was always same ol' same ol'. Cook has the balls to keep turning things around (his take on Collective Soul's "The World I Know" was wonderful, plus I've been in love with that song since high school), but Archuleta kind of sticks to his game - nice, but it gets boring.

As for the original songs, Archuleta's pick was definitely AI-Finale material, but I preferred the lyrics to Cook's choice. Given how much little David was pimped tonight, and how much stronger the cheers were for him in the audience, I figure he's taking this title tomorrow.

Which isn't really bad for Cook. As you can see, the biggest selling alumnus from Season 5 was only Top 4 :D And he's coming here in July, and I'm going to see him. Hehehe.

But really, Cook doesn't need the Idol title in his resume if he's gonna be a rockstar. And that's not me being bitter, I promise. Archuleta's game would benefit very much from an Idol title; the kind of songs the AI moguls would make him sing for his album wouldn't hurt him as much as it would Cook (unless Cook is also reeled in by the said AI moguls, a la Bo Bice). Besides, it's not like the title would be undeserved.

So, my point here, I guess, is to simply say I'm rooting for David the Elder. Oh, and I'm definitely looking forward to see Michael Johns (now THAT'S the rocker I would've wanted to win) and Jason Castro again tomorrow :)

P.S. I don't know if it's just the cynic in me, but were Cook's tears for real? As you can see, I have a love-hate relationship with the guy :D

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