Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Francis M's death should mean to us (insights by Cabring of Datu's Tribe)

Cabring of Datu's Tribe has some very nice and very true insights on Francis M's death, which I would like to quote, in part, here (italics and bold typeface mine):

The man’s death has bequeathed an incomparable power of influence to the immense music legacy he leaves behind - one that will outlast all the wannabes, suck-ups, leeches, and industry pimps in business suits long after they’ve consigned themselves to the showbiz abyss of terminal obscurity. Though Francis M’s death can be treated as an inconsolable loss, it would be far better to take it as a sign to renew our faith in the power of music to raise awareness, inspire nationalism, promote relevant and meaningful changes, and ultimately transform the way Filipinos think (and don’t think) about themselves.

In our world, there are artists, and there are true artists. These are the chosen few who are better able to show most other people the difference between simply living and BEING ALIVE. And for true artists such as Francis Magalona, that difference has now earned him, through music and in death, his own unique slice of immortality.

Rest in Peace, my friend. We’ll deal with the rest of the happy battles to come…

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