Saturday, May 16, 2009

David & David! :)

Live! Live audio! :)) Yey, Andrew's taking me to MOA tonight! Sa labas lang naman, but that's all I really could ask for right now :D We spent so much on concerts last March (3 major gigs in 3 weeks!), and we really have to (well,*I* really have to) save up for our wedding in January, so gigging isn't really on our list of dates right now.

But YEY! I get to hear the Davids tonight! I hope there'll be videowalls again up high, like at the Eheads gig...though I doubt they're gonna be that generous with the freebies hehe. I wonder if Cook's gonna cover 90's songs.

It was only last night when I saw them on Chika Minute (hehe) that I realized I would really like to go tonight. So yeah, thanks baby!!!

I'm such an Idol freak

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